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Alstrom Energy Group LLC is pleased to offer a new dynamic, “lunch-and-learn” program to qualified engineering firms.

An official certificate will be provided to all course attendees upon completion of the program. Other programs that are planned over the next 12 months are:

We will come to your place of business and, at our expense, provide a delicious lunch for registered participants. We will quickly and incisively run through your selected topics and follow up with Q&A and one-on-one instruction, if necessary. Alstrom Energy Group now encompasses a diverse and complementary array of products for all heat transfer applications.

Please e-mail your requests for lunch-and-learn training sessions to or call us to discuss topics  and schedules.

Shell & Tube,  Frame Heat Exchangers

Packaged Heat Transfer Systems, Packaged Pumping Systems, Deaerators

Heat Recovery Systems, Unfired Steam Generators, Instantaneous Hot Water Heaters

Inline Entrainment Separators, Liquid/Vapor Separators

We offer no obligation field survey to our local customers, contractors and engineers

Whether you have a project that requires heating, cooling, solar thermal, dearation, steam generation, steam separation, instantaneous domestic hot water, fuel oil preheaters, fuel oil pump & heater sets, packaged pumping systems, heat recovery boilers & water heaters – Alstrom Energy Group LLC can serve so many of your clients needs.

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